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FREQUENTIS C4i VOICE C2 successfully certified to operate on the US Department of Defense networks

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  • Accreditation from the US DoD represents a significant vote of confidence in C4i’s ability to safeguard critical communications for worldwide defence organisations
  • VOICE C2 demonstrated its capability to provide highest levels of security and reliability for military communications
  • Successful completion of cybersecurity and interoperability testing
  • Solution is deployed in Air Force and used for Command Posts, Operations Centers, and Air Traffic Control

The Frequentis C4i VOICE C2 communication system has been approved by Defense Information Security (DISA) for listing on the Department of Defense (DoD) information network (DoDIN) approved products list (APL) following recertification by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC). The successful completion of cybersecurity and interoperability testing reaffirms C4i's status as an industry leader in defence communications technology.

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