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O4D Trajectory Prediction, picture showing an airplane from below

O4D Trajectory Prediction

The Frequentis Orthogon 4D (O4D) Trajectory Prediction has a proven track record of more than 20 years in providing reliable trajectory predictions in air traffic management (ATM). O4D supports the ATM system by predicting flight profiles. It is a core component of all worldwide installations of the Frequentis Arrival Manager (AMAN) and deployed within the Flight Data Processing (FDP) and the Medium-Term Conflict Detection (MTCD) systems of skyguide.

The transition towards trajectory-based operations (TBO) is at the core of ATM modernisation programs. Predictability, collaboration and flexibility remain key elements in meeting operational needs and supporting innovations, and new models of ATM data service provision will facilitate this. O4D contributes to air traffic flow management (ATFM) and air traffic control (ATC) as well as the coordination with airspace users to achieve optimum trajectories (trajectory management).

Frequentis successfully deployed the O4D Trajectory Prediction as a service within skyguide’s pioneering Virtual Centre programme. The key objective of this project was to provide trajectory prediction in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), enabling clients to use the service. The utilisation of modern software architecture principles enables the embedding into the Service-Oriented Architecture of interface developments based on industry standards, such as the Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM).

The Virtual Centre is a technological innovation that aims to transform the existing ATM systems into a location-independent service. The skyguide Virtual Centre has received several prestigious awards, including the Single European Sky Award and the ATM Award (Category “Enabling Technology”). The challenges addressed by the Virtual Centre in Switzerland are a reflection of the challenges on a global level. Expected benefits include increased cost efficiency achieved through the standardisation of systems and increased agility to implement new ATM functionalities, enabling even more efficient flight profiles.

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