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Integrated information & control - smartTOOLs header picture, showing a woman operating the systems


Integrated Information & Control

smartTOOLS – the Frequentis integrated information and control system – provides a complete portfolio of applications related to tower and runway control, and weather information. Deployed worldwide in more than 36 countries, smartTOOLS can be tailored to any environment, from regional to high-capacity towers. By enabling significant automation, smartTOOLS helps reduce costs while increasing efficiency and safety.

smartTOOLS at a glance

  • Designed by controllers, for controllers
  • Proven in use in >400 controller working positions worldwide (both civil and military)
  • Multi-level redundancy
  • Scalable from regional to high-capacity towers
  • Extendable modular environment
  • Common off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platform
  • Seamless integration into Frequentis product portfolio
  • User-configurable solution
  • Supports Integrated Controller Working Position (iCWP) concept.

Key features

Integrated support information display

Meteorological data, navigational AIDs system status & control, airfield lighting and message handling are visualised on a single working position to increase controller awareness.

High performance (D-) ATIS/VOLMET

Single runway and multi runway handling for complex solutions including multiple channels for arrival and departure. Fully data-link enabled (D-ATIS, D-VOLMET).

Runway management

Control and monitoring of airfield/runway lights, runway direction and status control. Presentation of runway related MET data and NAV systems.

Tower cabin control

Integration of cabin control functions such as lights, shades, access control including CCTV and other 3rd party applications.

Fully flexible HMI

  • Role-based access rights
  • Highlighting of essential information
  • Quick and intuitive data input
  • Human factors (HF) and user experience (UX) tested



Designed to ensure the highest safety standards, our development process is based on the Software Safety Standard DO-278A/ED-109A Assurance Level 4 equivalent to ED-153 SWAL-3 and assessed with the Air Navigation System Safety Assessment Methodology.

Cost reduction

The combination of integrated controller working positions and common off-the-shelf hardware reduces maintenance and lifecycle costs.


The human-centric approach of smartTOOLS allows controllers to customise their HMI to their individual needs.


In addition to the fully redundant hardware backend, our solution provides a dedicated broadcast interface which allows the connection of standard radios directly via IP-network according to ED-137B standards. This gateway provides a sophisticated redundancy mechanism that ensures an uninterrupted audio broadcast, even in the unlikely event of hardware failure.


Open interfaces allow easy integration with airport and airline systems (A-CDM) as well as remote and multi-remote tower systems.

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