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Consulting Services

Optimising control room productivity

Frequentis control room consulting bridges the gap between user experience and technical set-up.

Today's highly automated world demands innovative approaches for successful solutions. Integrated teams excel in such an environment. By adding Frequentis consulting services to improvement initiatives, we support our customers in everything from optimising their demands to the non-disruptive integration of new features and functionality into their production environments.

Based on Frequentis' deep knowledge in safety-critical environments in various domains, Frequentis consulting services offer the required support by drawing on decades of experience in designing, specifying and delivering safety-critical solutions, ensuring maximised productivity, a safe technological environment, satisfied users and an evergreen approach within all phases of the customer’s control-room lifecycle.

Frequentis Consulting Services – serving a purpose

With increasing levels of automation, control rooms are becoming Joint Cognitive Systems that combine humans and machines in a balanced way to execute tasks effectively. Aim is to ensure that systems assist their human operators in making safe decisions that effectively support the mission goals of the control room – doing the right things in the right way.

The differing demands of legal, business, safety, security and user experience conflict with each other if addressed separately. The goal is to combine these demands into one common view and find the right balance in addressing the overall objectives in an optimised way.

Frequentis consulting services offer support for these topics by drawing on decades of experience in designing, specifying and delivering safety-critical solutions, ensuring maximised productivity, a safe technological environment, satisfied users and an evergreen approach within all phases of the customer’s control-room lifecycle.

Frequentis offers professional services/control room consulting for:


Understanding is key! Rather than starting from a system-centric view, Frequentis works to understand each customer’s business processes by using lean management principles. This enables customers to enhance their objectives by analysing operational scenarios in daily use. Especially in a complex environment like a safety-critical control room, a holistic view allows customers to understand the overall impacts on their own decisions.

Supporting the demand phase with Frequentis consulting services helps to:

  • Reveal relationships between actors, organisations and systems
  • Eliminate conflicts in overall operational and business objectives
  • Accelerate productivity and efficiency by focusing on relevant innovation chains
  • Strengthen investment stability.


Plan / Specify

Planning the individual roadmap within the organisation and aligning it with available resources and operational needs will require a high degree of operational and technical expertise to integrate, deploy and switch to the required functionalities at the right time.

Within this phase, Frequentis consulting services help to:

  • Train operators in the relevant technical expertise
  • Find adequate and cost-efficient solutions
  • Accelerate the specification of functional needs involving the relevant stakeholders
  • Minimise risks during the transition by planning the required involvement of the operational professional team. Using a bottom-up approach starting from the planning phase helps to get the smoothest transition toward the new technical solution.



Within this phase, the legal boundaries of planned investment are set to ensure adherence to the defined specification.

During this phase, Frequentis consulting services help to:

  • Plan specification-adherence checks, supported with a high level of technical expertise and support services including safety, security and user experience.
  • Ensure that the planned operational improvements will be met.
  • Visualise requirements with a demonstrator.



Creating a fit-for-purpose workplace environment depends on gaining a profound understanding of the operational workflows and underlying specifications. This is the ideal time to ensure that safety, security and user-experience aspects are designed into the solution. Taking these into account at an early stage will help to remove potential conflict between them, ideally supported with a visual prototype that will ensure rapid acceptance of the new solution.

Frequentis consulting services support your implementation phase to:

  • Determine the requirements around safety, security, human factors and user experience
  • Guide and monitor the implementation process focusing on the business- and operational improvements as defined.
  • Contribute to ensuring rapid acceptance for the new solution



Quality can be quantified. Tracking quality metrics enables steering of the planned actions by keeping track of the planned impacts. The key element is the balancing of objective and subjective quality testing. Frequentis uses a set of internationally proven qualitative and quantitative test methods that allow broad quality benchmarking across domains to provide:

  • Benchmarkable metrics for objective Human Factors (HF) and subjective User Experience (UX) quality
  • User-acceptance trend analyses to mitigate rejection risk
  • Solid Human Machine Interface (HMI) handover criteria between supplier and customer
  • Guarantee of meeting quality standards
  • Evidence for “fit-for-purpose” solutions.


Operational Use

To keep pace with the steadily evolving business needs, the availability and potential of resources and environment must be continuously traced. In this phase, the operational process is made transparent to the stakeholders and benchmarked against the business objectives, thereby ensuring business contingency to de-risk potential uncertainties.

Frequentis consulting services help to:

  • Keep track of the business objectives to allow early steering of the operational processes
  • Ensure business contingency measures, following state-of-the art standards
  • Minimise training efforts.

Further information & contact

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