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Pre-Departure Sequencer header picture, showing an airport

Pre-Departure Sequencer

The Pre-Departure Sequencer (PDS) cuts taxi times and improves sequence and departure time predictability.

PDS delivers all the capabilities needed for Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM). By optimising push back times, airports can reduce taxi times, enhance sequence and departure time predictability, and cut queues.

By calculating estimated Take-off Times (ETOT) for outbound flights, airports can create an initial departure sequence, which represents the earliest possible take-off times absent any runway capacity constraints. These calculations are built on Target Off-Block Times (TOBT) and Variable Taxi Times (VTT).

The continuous take-off sequencing process produces Target Take-off Times (TTOTs) and Target Start-up Approval Times (TSATs) which all stakeholders can share in line with their local requirements. This sharing helps airports and ground handling companies to efficiently allocate available resources.

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