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Frequentis @ Airspace World 2024

Airspace World 2024

Explore the innovative offerings of Frequentis OneATM at Airspace World 2024, taken place from 19 - 21 March 2024, at the Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.


Guided by our commitment to "Digital. Sustainable. Safe." we have showcased innovations across our key focus areas: 

In addition, we will demonstrate our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions such as trajectory-based operations, data science & analytics, and sustainable aviation.


OneATM video
Frequentis Innovations - Hello from Airspace World 2024!
Accelerated Drone Management overview - Roman Stickler
GuardX - Comprehensive Recording System - Oddmund Johansen
Remote Digital Tower - Eric Wernsperger
Advanced Automated Tower - Thomas Singer
ATM-grade Networks - Stefan Pemmer
Simplifying Drone Usage in Public Safety - Roman Stickler
Converging Airspace Management - Roman Stickler
Review - Impressions from Airspace World 2024

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