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Frequentis StartUp Center

Frequentis partners with StartUps from around the world and runs a StartUp Center in Vienna, Austria. Since the 1990s, we have supported more than 70 new businesses in establishing themselves in the marketplace.

StartUp Center


Our StartUp Center augments our business development, bringing us into contact with fresh ideas and novel approaches. We carefully select StartUps that can aid us in advancing our products and value propositions.

At the same time, our StartUp Center allows Frequentis to help new companies enter markets characterised by high entry barriers and an emphasis on long-term relationships. By providing access to our global sales network, these businesses can hit the ground running.



Supported by Frequentis, the Austrian technology company ONDEWO built an emergency call centre prototype incorporating an AI operating system for human-to-machine communication. A few months later, we entered a partnership with ONDEWO for a research project that has secured more than EUR 1.1 million to date. Dr Andreas Rath, founder and CEO of ONDEWO, foresees a long-term partnership: “Combining the extensive industry experience and communication technologies of Frequentis with the distinct, cutting-edge AI technologies of ONDEWO will make the world a safer place.” Find more information in this Press Release or watch the video on our collaboration:

Nemergent Solutions SL, founded in 2017, teamed up with Frequentis to create a pioneering trial version of mission-critical services over LTE. Since then, we have partnered on multiple commercial projects. A spokesperson from Nemergent confirms: “That our ideas towards providing Mission Critical Services over mobile broadband networks would eventually become reality was not that clear back in early 2010s. 10 years later, with a complete suite of standards in place and being widely recognised as frontrunners in the technology, we are more than glad to have met very good friends and partners along this exciting journey.”

For further information, continue with the video about "Strategic Partnerships with StartUps globally":


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