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Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management

Keeping 3 billion passengers safe each year

Airports and Airlines

Airports / Airlines

Aeronautical information management on 6 continents



More than 5 million soldiers trust Frequentis products and solutions

Public Safety

Public Safety

Largest single command and control operation in Europe

Public Transport

Public Transport

1st GSM-R dispatcher terminal market share



Keeping the world’s largest coastline safe

About us

Frequentis safety-critical communication and information solutions leverage more than seventy years of experience showcasing true leadership in this market. With deep cross-industry experience in civil aviation, defence, public safety, maritime and public transportation markets; the company has built upon its initial control centre voice communications focus to develop deep expertise in these five areas of core competence. The company has driven innovation throughout its history with many ‘industry firsts’. This will continue as the industry evolves, with a focus on user-centric design that considers the controller in all it does.

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News & Events

Critical Communications World

Berlin, Germany
15.05.2018 - 17.05.2018

Frequentis communication and information solutions leverage more than 70 years of safety-critical communications experience. Cross-industry expertise gained from voice communications solutions developed from different industries set the foundation for supporting multiple customer segments with different requirements. Frequentis is leading the way with innovative solutions that dissolve physical borders that currently define a control centre. The ability to manage emergency situations from any mobile device or location, and integrated controller working position are at the core of these topics.

Norbert Haslacher appointed CEO of FREQUENTIS AG

Norbert Haslacher, a successful manager and IT expert, will head the Frequentis Group, an international provider of communication and information solutions for safety-critical applications. Before his Frequentis assignment, Haslacher spent more than 15 years at CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), a global IT services company focusing on application development, systems integration, outsourcing, cloud, big data, and cyber security.

During his tenure with Frequentis, Haslacher has been able to contribute his extensive software knowledge as well as his broad international experience. | 2018-04-23

Global AIM

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
22.05.2018 - 24.05.2018

Frequentis Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) solutions leverage more than 70 years of ATC heritage showcasing true leadership in this market. With three AIM hub systems and 30 standalone installations Frequentis is supporting 300 organisations and known as the largest supplier in the AIM data domain worldwide. Please join us at this year’s IFAIMA Global AIM Conference and have a view on our expanded and strengthened AIM portfolio. We invite you to share the recent developments and the outlook for the future of the portfolio. 

Dubai Airport Show 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
07.05.2018 - 09.05.2018

With more than 70 years ATM experience and well known as market leader within this industry Frequentis is proud to participate this event and present our innovative information and tower automation systems for managing air traffic. Visit us at our booth and take an in-depth look at the future of air traffic control, experience our commitment to the ATM industry, support for the challenges ahead and learn more about our broad suite of market leading civil and military communications, information, and automation systems.

Frequentis Customers Around the World

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Frequentis develops and markets highly reliable communication and information systems for mission critical applications. The company is continuously growing worldwide, therefore the long-term development of employees is essential and there are always new opportunities available.