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Explore the world of automation within Frequentis's extensive product and technology portfolio. Our automation solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and safety across various aviation environments including tower and centre.

At the forefront are PRISMA and TowerPAD. PRISMA is our airborne-focused automation system tailored for application in centres, backup centres, and approach operations. TowerPAD is our tower-focused routing and guidance system, ideal for optimizing large tower environments such those represented by our Advanced Automated Tower concept.

In the realm of digital transformation, smartSTRIPS leads the way as our electronic flight strips system, widely embraced for automating processes in both centres and towers. Furthermore, for tower-specific applications, smartTOOLS offers essential functionalities like the provision of weather data to controllers.

For remote tower operations and advanced video enhancement in automated towers, Frequentis's camera technology, smartVISION, is the definitive choice. For simulations of tower environments, Avator represents the initial step towards tower testing, training, and simulation.

GuardX, from our recording portfolio, is the ultimate solution for capturing the content of all these technologies, offering a wide array of interfaces to record and simultaneously replay.


The PRISMA product family offers a full range of ATM modules designed to support the most varied use-case scenarios, ranging from standalone solutions to integrated surveillance and flight plan data processing systems. PRISMA’s fully expandable and modular architecture enables the continuous addition of functionality, supporting a buy-as-you-grow approach. Based on our extensive experience in advanced air traffic automation systems, PRISMA can be easily integrated with 3rd-party components.


Since 2008, TowerPad has been in active service at several major airports, providing artificial intelligence to support advanced user-centric automation services for air traffic controllers. The product has been proven to reduce costs for airlines, airports and ANSPs. It also improves safety and reduces taxi times, and consequently the environmental impact of airport traffic.


Whether your tower is located at one of the world’s busiest hubs or at a quiet regional airfield – or anything in between – Frequentis offers the ideal flight data management product for supporting your tower digitalisation programme. smartSTRIPS, our flight data management product, is designed for towers and approach units of all sizes and degrees of operational complexity.


smartTOOLS – the Frequentis integrated information and control system – provides a complete portfolio of applications related to tower and runway control, and weather information. Deployed worldwide in more than 36 countries, smartTOOLS can be tailored to any environment, from regional to high-capacity towers. By enabling significant automation, smartTOOLS helps reduce costs while increasing efficiency and safety.


smartVISION is a video-based visualisation solution optimised for ATC and airport environments. It provides ATC-grade video presentation in combination with support and augmentation functions to support the air traffic controller (ATCO) workflow and increase efficiency, situation awareness and safety.


In safety-critical ATM environments, effective controller training depends on easy access to top-quality simulation environments. However, this can be difficult to achieve given the practical limitations of facilities which may be relatively small or remote. ATRiCS AVATOR is a highly flexible 3D tower simulation platform that airports and air traffic controllers can rely on.


GuardX is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art recording solution designed to address the evolving demands of safety-critical environments. With an array of recording sources, GuardX ensures comprehensive coverage, capturing all essential data for analysis and review in various environments. Its user-friendly interface makes the replay of recordings a seamless experience, empowering users to extract valuable insights efficiently.


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Drone leaving drone hangar beside rail tracks

European premiere: drone garages to save on thousands of minutes of delay in future

From now on drone garages will be distributed along the ÖBB’s rail network to provide valuable support: as the first infrastructure company in Europe, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG has obtained the authorisation to use drones that can be operated also without direct visual contact with the pilots. In close cooperation with Frequentis and supported by Austro Control, this innovative project was realised. Instead of sending employees on foot into hazardous, impassable terrain or snow-covered slopes, drones will be sent off from a nearby drone garage. They will fly the defined route and send real-time images showing the line’s condition, meaning necessary decisions regarding the next steps can be made immediately. Depending on the case, the use of drones will result in a huge amount of time saved, therefore minimising line closures. Passengers and railway companies can adapt more quickly to the new situation thanks to this rapid development of information.

“Hangar-based drone flights are the technological answer to the strongly growing drone ecosystem. Frequentis has developed a highly automated solution that can be fully integrated into control centres and working positions of big infrastructure companies, as well as being easy to use for our clients’ employees,” says Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis. “We are proud to carry out this pioneering work together with ÖBB and to have helped facilitate the first authorisation of this kind in Europe for our partner.”

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