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Frequentis is very active in promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through a constant stream of news and events the goal is a constant outbound information flow. The topics shared in this section highlight current activities by the company and thought leadership for the future.


Multiplying operational efficiencies

In the May issue of International Airport Review we spoke about the way multi-remote tower operations would increase operator efficiency and the tests so far that have proved the safety of the concept. You can download the pdf of the article by using the download button.

The largest-scale remote air traffic control tower

Developing the largest-scale remote air traffic control tower

In April we spoke to about remote air traffic control towers, their future developments and why we are the remote tower specialist.

Read the full article here. 

Flight Centric ATC validation

SESAR2020: Successful Flight Centric ATC validation and open day in Budapest

SESAR partners, Hungarocontrol, Frequentis, and DLR jointly validated a new concept of flight-centric operations in the scope of the SESAR2020 framework. For this purpose, the entire upper Hungarian airspace was simulated without any airspace sectors.

By breaking down existing barriers of fixed airspace structures, flight-centric operations allow improved use of the existing airspace and to fly more efficient routes.

To read what happened, click download...

Air Force Tests Remote Air Traffic Control Towers

Air Force Tests Remote Air Traffic Control Towers

Stew Magnusson, Editor of National Defense magazine, spoke to Mark Robinson about remote towers and their use cases for the military.

Read the full article here.

SESAR U-space demonstrations in the Gulf of Finland (GOF) to reach the next level

The SESAR Joint Undertaking GOF USPACE project in Estonia and Finland aims to showcase how U-space can serve both unmanned and manned aviation from the very beginning of its rollout. The broad consortium with 19 members, including three world-leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) technology vendors, two Air Navigation Services Providers as well as deep Air Traffic Management (ATM) experience is developing interoperability and data-sharing solutions, which are aligned with SESAR’s overall U-space architecture.