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Around 500 customers in approximately 150 countries rely on the know-how and experience of Frequentis, ensuring the safety of 95% of the world’s passengers and aircraft. We have installed around 49,000 operator positions throughout the world and can draw on enormous reserves of project expertise built during numerous international engagements.

We are committed to delivering in line with our tagline “for a safer world”, providing products and solutions that meet the highest quality standards. As a long-term partner in the aviation sector, our customers can trust in our ability to implement complex projects, using agile methods, and putting the focus on users. We are driving the digital transformation of ATM towards a service-based IT ecosystem, increasing the level of autonomy through innovation and research.

Air Navigation Service Providers

An Air Navigation Service Provider is an organisation that provides navigation services to aircraft in the airspace or in the manoeuvring area. As such they ensure the safe and efficient passage of aircraft in their airspaces all around the world.

Aeronautical Data Service Providers

In the new ATM world, ATM data service providers (ADSPs) will provide the data and applications required to provide ATS. An ADSP is an entity which manages ATM data processing and produces associated services for air traffic service providers. The ADSP is therefore an enabler for the Virtual Centre, since it can be geographically remote from the ATS.

Unmanned Traffic Service Providers

Today’s airspace is changing: UTM can provide a more digital, interoperable and scalable approach. The emergence of new aerial vehicles - like drones and flying taxis - and new aircraft operations is changing the way we configure and manage our skies. Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) is now a critical component in enabling these new aerial vehicles to safely enter and share our airspace.


Airports are the international hubs where great journeys start and must build more flexible and efficient operations to support the “new normal” business model.

Flight Information Service Providers

Any FIS unit provides information and assistance useful for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight, at the request of the pilot. Serving a crucial role in providing essential weather briefings or route information, flight information service providers contribute to safety in the sky.

Space Agencies

While today’s space traffic can easily be accommodated into the regular ATM system, the future of space flight looks very different. From being 100% state-owned in the past, there’s now an evolution towards a more commercial approach to space operations.


FREQUENTIS X10 prepares Luxembourg Airport for future-ready voice communications
Austro Control Dronespace
Estonia revolutionises drone flying
Network solution for efficient airspace management for Norway
EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

FREQUENTIS to ensure greater airspace safety and capacity for EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

  • Safety and airspace capacity will be enhanced at one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspaces
  • The Fallback Controller Working Position (CWP) follows Single European Sky open data interface principles
  • Based on the Frequentis OneATM user interface framework ODS Open Platform, the CWP ensures resilient operations even at high traffic volumes

EUROCONTROL, MUAC, one of the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) of four EUROCONTROL member states – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, selected Frequentis to provide its CWP as part of the MUAC fallback automation system. To ensure a high airspace capacity during fallback operations, while maintaining safety levels, EUROCONTROL's primary CWP will be mirrored by the fallback system, enabling controller requirements to be met in a similar way.


Airways New Zealand


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