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Austro Control Dronespace: Drone traffic management system for Austria is ready for takeoff

Flying a drone in Austria will become even safer and simpler. Austro Control, together with Frequentis, has developed a traffic management system for the safe integration of drones into the Austrian airspace. 

“The common goal of Austro Control and Frequentis is to ultimately provide other organisations with security-relevant tasks access to the nationwide uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system; those in the field of public safety and critical infrastructure would also benefit from access to the system,” says Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis. “In the further development of the UTM system along a jointly designed roadmap, it is our shared responsibility to support the existing and future needs of safety-critical organisations, emergency response organisations, professional operators, and hobby pilots to utilise drones as easily and safely as possible.”

(C) Frequentis / Thomas Jantzen

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