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Frequentis is proud to be supporting international customers to achieve their individual goals. The Press section illustrates just how far the company’s depth of expertise goes, where solutions are in use and how they are making a difference around the world. To learn more about any of these projects click the download button.


ICAO and MEVA III member states extend satellite network services with FREQUENTIS until 2025

ICAO and the MEVA III Member States have contracted Frequentis to continue the management of its Central America and Caribbean satellite satellite network services for an additional three-years, until 2025. The project is enhacing the reliability of the aeronautical telecommunications service, as well as allowing cost savings and bandwidth optimisation. 

The Frequentis MEVA network is made up of 18 nodes for 15 Air Navigation Service Providers at sites in the Caribbean, Central and North America, and is an important part of ICAO’s work to create a phased transition from legacy communication technology in the region, increasing its efficiency, while complying with the strict ATM requirements. The project included end-to-end 24/7 operation of the entire network.

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Qatar enhances airspace communication and tower automation with FREQUENTIS to meet expected air traffic increases

Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) has selected Frequentis to upgrade its existing voice communication system (VCS) and modernise its air traffic control (ATC) tower operation to meet air traffic demand resulting from the World Cup in the country in 2022. The football World Cup expects to significantly increase the number of visitors to the region, with daily air traffic movements anticipated to increase from 700 to 1800 movements.

QCAA is upgrading both its main and back VCS systems to enhance airport operations and maintain safety as airspace demands change. The back-up VCS will benefit from Frequentis’ next generation VCS, X10, to increase resilience. In addition, QCAA will also implement Frequentis electronic flight strips in the ATC tower to support air traffic controllers with effectively managing the increased workload and maintaining safety during peak air traffic movements. 

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Public Safety Conference: FREQUENTIS-Konsortium präsentiert sicherheitskritische Hightech-Kommunikationslösungen für Polizei, Feuerwehr und Rettung

  • Zweitägige Sicherheits-Anwenderkonferenz in Salzburg mit Fokus darauf, wie die zukünftige grenzüberschreitende Kommunikation der Einsatzkräfte für die Öffentliche Sicherheit funktionieren kann
  • Internationales Konsortium unter der Führung von Frequentis präsentierte seine Lösung als einer der Finalisten in der Vorausscheidung einer EU-weiten Ausschreibung
  • Beeindruckende Vorführungen durch Einsatzkräfte von Polizei, Rettung und Feuerwehr

Foto: Frequentis AG/APA Fotoservice/Franz Neumayr

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Uruguay enhances performance of its ground communication infrastructure with FREQUENTIS smartMessenger

The Directorate National of Civil Aviation in Uruguay (DINACIA) has selected Frequentis California Inc. to upgrade its ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) to enhance its data exchange capabilities. The Frequentis smartMessenger system, operational since 1999, has  been regularly updated, in line with aviation requirements; the latest upgrade will include the ability for digital data exchange and the support of the latest ICAO weather data format (IWXXM) as mandated by ICAO.

Uruguay plays an important role for aviation in Latin America, being a key hub for the region. Carrasco International, the country's largest airport, has been cited as one of the most efficient and traveller-friendly airports in this region. With the AMHS upgrade project, DINACIA is enhancing its ground communication infrastructure, allowing for improved data exchange.

FREQUENTIS UK celebrates 30 years of keeping the British public safe

Twickenham, in Southwest London, became the base of Frequentis UK during its provision of safety-critical solutions to UK control rooms. Key to that success has been the investment in local recruitment and training with staff numbers doubling since 2019, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team has grown into a large employer in both the local area and at a national level, allowing the Frequentis Group to develop a deep understanding of the UK market and how to best support UK and Ireland Critical National Infrastructure.

The acquisition of the ATC Solutions business unit of L3-Harris in mid-2021 was strategically important for Frequentis and specifically Frequentis UK.  The acquisition led to gaining a dominant position in military Air Defence communications under the Guardian project, matching its already strong position in military air traffic management (ATM) communications on the Marshall project. Similarly, it gave Frequentis back a strong position in civil ATM communications for all en-route traffic and this, combined with the acquisition of the Arrivals Manager System from Orthogon, has led to Frequentis being a Strategic Partner for UK National Air Traffic Services (NATS).

Pic caption: Frequentis AG, CEO, Norbert Haslacher and Federal Minister for the EU and Constitution Karoline Edtstadler

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