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Proven in hundreds of global deployments, Frequentis Digital Tower solutions help ANSPs and airport operators manage IFR and VFR operations reliably, safely and efficiently. Meeting all deployment needs, from small unmanned towers to large hubs, our modular solutions help optimise traffic, cut emissions, and maximise productivity. Frequentis Digital Tower solutions can integrate seamlessly with existing technologies, enabling a staged deployment of the precise functionality needed today, with the ability to add functionality to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Challenging times for ATC towers

ANSPs and airport operators are under increasing pressure from airlines and from competitors in the tower air traffic control (ATC) market. Years of steady growth have given way to greater volatility in traffic, requiring ANSPs and airport operators to maximise the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of their ATC systems.

Of course, every airport is different: small regional airports demand low-cost, highly standardised solutions, while high-capacity airports require a more tailored approach to ensure that their complex traffic flows can be optimised and information shared with other stakeholders. Meanwhile, remote towers require the latest remote sensing and visualisation technologies to support safe and reliable remote operations.

As ANSPs and airport operators face up to these challenges, they must also manage their existing technology, which will often include isolated systems and silos of operational data. Any new technologies should ideally be able to integrate with the existing ones, given the potential disruption and risk of replacing everything at once.

Digital tower solutions for tomorrow’s needs

Frequentis offers a comprehensive portfolio of Digital Tower solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Frequentis Digital Tower solutions bring together all relevant information in a digital format, integrate it for presentation to the user, layer automation on top, and increase usability through intuitive interfaces.

Built on an intelligent framework that combines ATM-grade safety with the flexibility and manageability of a modern IT architecture, Frequentis Digital Tower solutions help ANSPs and airport operators to:

  • replace out-dated technology and equipment
  • break down operational silos and reduce complexity
  • make better use of shared assets
  • boost operational efficiency and overcome capacity constraints
  • reduce emissions
  • improve safety and air-situation awareness
  • enable new digitally driven operations.

Frequentis Digital Tower solutions are trusted by global customers for all kinds of ATC operations, enabling the safe management of IFR and VFR operations from on-site or remote towers. Backed by advanced video processing and artificial intelligence, our technologies make airports of any size smarter and more efficient. They also help ANSPs and airport operators to stay aligned with the SESAR and ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades.

Decades of experience and a global network of Frequentis subsidiaries help ensure both low-risk deployments and ongoing professional support throughout each solution’s operational life.

Usage scenarios

The Frequentis Digital Tower solution portfolio supports all requirements from small to large across the following usage scenarios:


ATC challenges

Frequentis provides

Remote digital tower

Focus on labour cost

Need standardised solutions to de-risk implementation, transition and operations

Powerful, AI-enriched remote operations and significant automation

Modular solution components on modern, easy-to-manage architecture

Advanced digital tower

Focus on capacity

Need solutions tailored to local environment

Maintain interfaces with and respect dependencies on other systems

Proven scalability to the needs of the largest global ATC environments

Highly customisable modular solutions to meet any needs

Open and flexible platform permitting full integration with current and future technologies

Compact digital tower


Focus on compliance with standards


Commercially dependent on a few important flights

Standards-based solutions aligned with SESAR and ICAO

Low entry cost and high operational efficiency


Innovative architecture

Frequentis Digital Tower solutions are built on MosaiX, a cloud-native ATM-grade IT architecture that enables faster, simpler deployment and management, rapid scalability to meet new demands, improved operational efficiency, increased standardisation, and reduced costs. By adopting this microservices-based architecture, ATC organisations can break down operational silos and deploy the functionality they need at the pace they choose.

The Frequentis modular approach to Digital Tower solutions is also enabled by our Integrated Controller Working Position (iCWP®) concept, which provides controllers with a unified, operator-focused front-end interface featuring integrated voice communication capabilities. Whichever Digital Tower solutions are connected, iCWP presents a clear situational view and intuitive controls to simplify workflows and promote safe, efficient operations.

Products & Solutions

Remote Digital Tower

Deployed in a Remote Digital Tower scenario, Frequentis Digital Tower solutions enable the remote provision of ATC services from different geographic locations, using a multitude of local sensors to give controllers the situational awareness needed to safely operate an airport. An ATM-grade network provides reliability and performance to safely connect the remote airport with the remote tower control centre.

Advanced Digital Tower

Deployed in an Advanced Digital Tower scenario, Frequentis Digital Tower solutions enable skilled air traffic controllers to manage air traffic not only safely but also in the most efficient way, so as to ensure optimal usage of airport facilities. The solutions help large airports optimise aircraft movements under varying traffic loads, by automatically integrating a variety of information.

Compact Digital Tower

Deployed in a Compact Digital Tower scenario, Frequentis Digital Tower solutions provide a standardised, modular solution that offers a small footprint, rapid deployment and easy maintenance. The ICAO-compliant solutions provide all the essential systems and tools required in a compact tower environment, including runway management, weather data processing, tower cabin control, voice communications and flight information, helping to ensure air traffic safety and enhanced situational awareness.

Tower Products

Frequentis Digital Tower solutions are composed of independent functional modules – products – that can integrate with each other, but also with existing and future systems from other vendors. Connected using MosaiX, a cloud-native ATM-grade IT architecture, the modules offer low-cost deployment, easy management and rapid scalability.

Professional ATM Services

Building on decades of industry experience, Frequentis offers expert professional services to help ANSPs plan, design, implement, integrate and manage advanced ATM automation solutions. Through engagements on numerous successful customer projects around the globe we have developed deep knowledge of all phases of the project lifecycle, from design through to implementation, migration and ongoing technical services during the maintenance phase.


FREQUENTIS X10 prepares Luxembourg Airport for future-ready voice communications
Austro Control Dronespace
Estonia revolutionises drone flying
Network solution for efficient airspace management for Norway
EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

FREQUENTIS to ensure greater airspace safety and capacity for EUROCONTROL MUAC fallback operations

  • Safety and airspace capacity will be enhanced at one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspaces
  • The Fallback Controller Working Position (CWP) follows Single European Sky open data interface principles
  • Based on the Frequentis OneATM user interface framework ODS Open Platform, the CWP ensures resilient operations even at high traffic volumes

EUROCONTROL, MUAC, one of the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) of four EUROCONTROL member states – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, selected Frequentis to provide its CWP as part of the MUAC fallback automation system. To ensure a high airspace capacity during fallback operations, while maintaining safety levels, EUROCONTROL's primary CWP will be mirrored by the fallback system, enabling controller requirements to be met in a similar way.


Airways New Zealand


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