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Frequentis @ Airspace World 2024

Airspace World 2024

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Explore the innovative offerings of Frequentis OneATM at Airspace World 2024, taking place from 19 - 21 March 2024, at the Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland, located at booth #H25.


Guided by our commitment to "Digital. Sustainable. Safe," we showcase innovations across focus areas:

In addition, we will demonstrate our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions such as trajectory-based operations, data science & analytics, and sustainable aviation.

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Our presentations

Be sure not to miss our thought-provoking presentations at the Frequentis Theatre, focused on the theme "Innovation, Automation, and Future Trends.", which will offer valuable insights from industry experts.

  • Monday 18 March: 15:10, Conference Room B
    Executive Summit: 
    Transforming Aviation through AI
    Juliette Mattioli (Thales), Kevin Hightower (Cirium), Parimal Kopardekar (NASA), Marie-Pier Berman (NAV CANADA), Eduard Gringinger (Frequentis)
  • Tue, 19 March: 10:00
    The skies of tomorrow: How AI is transforming air traffic management
    Speakers: Markus Klopf (Frequentis), Anna von Groote (EUROCAE), Kuldeep Gharatya (NATS), Mark Cooper (NAV CANADA), Vu N. Duong (Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • Tue, 19 March: 14:30
    ATM-grade networks for continuous infrastructure transformation
    Speaker: Stefan Pemmer
  • Tue, 19 March: 15:30
    Lean and safe control rooms
    Speaker: Michael Poiger
  • Wed, 20 March: 10:00
    Concepts and challenges for digital towers at larger airports
    Speakers: Eric Wernsperger, Veit Voges​ (DFS Aviation Services GmbH)
  • Wed, 20 March: 11:30
    Going beyond voice - unified aeronautical comms
    Speakers: Maarten van der Lee, Peter Leydold
  • Wed, 20 March: 13:30
    How highly automated risk assessments support BVLOS operations for business customers and in safety critical domains​
    Speaker: ​Markus Bardach, Managing Director skyzr​
    Venue: Wing Theatre
  • Wed, 20 March: 15:30
    Unifying airspace with accelerated drone management
    Speaker: Roman Stickler

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Air-Ground Integration and Autonomy 

  • Tue, 19 March: 10:15 
    LDACS for communications and integrated CNS
    Project: FCDI - Future Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure
    Peter Leydold, Frequentis 

Aviation green deal 

  • Tue, 19 March: 11:00
    Fit for the digital age: lean arrivals, dynamic routes
    Project: GALAAD
    Speaker: Fabio Mangiarcina, ENAV; Ludovica Mauriello, Deep Blue
    Deep dive into dynamic route structures
    Speaker: Michael Kupfer, Frequentis Orthogon
  • Tue, 19 March: 11:20
    A birdseye view of wake energy retrieval (WER) 
    Project: GEESE
    Speaker: Daniel Eduardo Cobos Meza, Frequentis Comsoft

U-space/airspace reconfiguration

  • Wed. 20 March: 10:25
    Marking a new “aura” in air mobility
    Project: AURA (J.34) 
    Speaker: Roman Stickler, Frequentis 

Virtualisation and cyber-secure data sharing

  • Wed. 20 March: 12:00
    Delegation of ATM services provision among ATSUs & Virtual Centre
    Project: PROSA (PJ.10-W2)
    Speaker: Maarten van der Lee, Frequentis

Remote towers

  • Wed. 20 March: 15:10
    Remote digital towers – a success story
    Project: PJ.05-W2
    Eric Wernsperger, Frequentis

Tomorrow's Voices

The Tomorrow’s Voices initiative provides a chance for young graduates and professionals, to immerse themselves in the core of the air traffic management industry. Participants can interact with key decision-makers and acquire valuable insights that can contribute to the growth of their careers.

  • Thur. 21 March: 10:30
    Tomorrow’s Voices – Forum of next generation aviation professionals
    Speaker: Benjamin Soucek, Frequentis

Visit us during the Career Fair and discover exciting insights, including information about Frequentis, our Remote Digital Tower, our UTM business and many more. 

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Invitation to Airspace World 2024, Stefan Pemmer
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Invitation to Airspace World 2024, Roman Stickler
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