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MSOC selects FREQUENTIS to upgrade Mission Control Voice Conferencing at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC)

  • Frequentis is replacing existing NASA Voice Conferencing Systems at JSC with the next-generation Voice over IP (VoIP) Conferencing System 
  • Using the Frequentis VoIP system, JSC retains the existing operator control keysets providing significant familiarity, material cost savings, and operator re-training  

“We are extremely pleased to provide this VCS upgrade for Johnson Space Center. Frequentis hopes this will be a model for other NASA Mission Control Centers that would like to evolve to VoIP via a technical refresh. Our user-friendly keysets have already been used by NASA for human spaceflight operations and we are able to retain those for the operators, making this a cost-effective and seamless transition to new technology,” says Dieter Eier, President, Frequentis USA.

(c) NASA

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