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SDDS-NG: surveillance data distribution

Surveillance Data Distribution


SDDS-NG (Surveillance Data Distribution System - Next Generation) is a state-of-the-art solution for the easy and safe interconnection of any system that handles surveillance data.

In ATC, the need to integrate an increasing number of surveillance systems is well-known. However, due to changing technologies and additional surveillance data users, the necessary stability of surveillance distribution environments is at risk. SDDS-NG is the safe and scalable solution, catering for all current and future surveillance distribution needs by providing the single access point for surveillance data.


SDDS-NG at a glance

  • Centralised surveillance service provision
  • Centralised system management
  • Integrating homogenous system landscapes
  • Transition support
  • Data Validation, conversion and filtering
  • Integrated ADS-B server

Key Features


From one-box installations up to surveillance service networks with multiple redundant and load sharing network nodes.

Central Management

Through Frequentis Comsoft Network System Monitoring and Control (NSMC) different SDDS-NG tasks can be centrally controlled, monitored and configured. Data Formats: Alongside its native ASTERIX, SDDS-NG supports legacy formats (CD2, Aircat, Eurocontrol, …).


SDDS-NG supports both LAN (UDP, TCP) and serial protocols (HDLC LAP-B, HDLC Frame and various proprietary protocols).


SDDS-NG converts between legacy formats and ASTERIX, and between ASTERIX Categories or versions thereof.


The flexible filter criteria of SDDS-NG also include geography and aircraft ID. Filters are configurable per end user.

ADS-B Server

Generates a coherent, non-redundant air situation picture from multiple ADS-B sources with overlapping coverage.

Field Proven

Frequentis Comsoft has deployed turnkey SDDS-NG systems to over 35 sites worldwide.


SDDS-NG is the result of Frequentis Comsoft’ long standing experience in surveillance data distribution. SDDS-NG increases the availability of surveillance data to all end users through load filtering and automatic switching.

By safely integrating legacy and new technologies into state-of-the-art surveillance networks the SDDS-NG user gains flexibility in its transition to new technologies, while still serving existing clients. The centralised monitoring, configuration and control of the entire surveillance data distribution environment supports efficient data management. As an application level gateway for surveillance data, SDDS-NG also provides security functions.

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