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Uruguay enhances performance of its ground communication infrastructure with FREQUENTIS smartMessenger

The Directorate National of Civil Aviation in Uruguay (DINACIA) has selected Frequentis California Inc. to upgrade its ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) to enhance its data exchange capabilities. The Frequentis smartMessenger system, operational since 1999, has  been regularly updated, in line with aviation requirements; the latest upgrade will include the ability for digital data exchange and the support of the latest ICAO weather data format (IWXXM) as mandated by ICAO.

Uruguay plays an important role for aviation in Latin America, being a key hub for the region. Carrasco International, the country's largest airport, has been cited as one of the most efficient and traveller-friendly airports in this region. With the AMHS upgrade project, DINACIA is enhancing its ground communication infrastructure, allowing for improved data exchange.

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