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Voice communication system - Liberty-Star

Liberty-STAR VCS

Right voice communication solution at the right price

Liberty-STAR™ VCS  is an easy-to-install, easy-to-operate and easy-to-maintain decentralised VCS solution for small tower operations and systems of last resort. It offers exceptional reliability, optimal versatility and unparalleled flexibility. Liberty-STAR features unique IP capabilities to better serve the current and future mission plans of end-users. Its IP-at-the-core VCS architecture offers the ideal combination of reliability and functionality.

The proven net-centric voice communications solution

A field-proven, highly reliable family of solutions – Liberty-STAR has a successful track record of over 20 million system hours of combined operation in more than 80 countries. Liberty-STAR facilitates ATM modernisation programs by delivering net-centric voice communications that reduce dependency on traditional point-to-point communications.

Liberty-STAR VCS replaces proprietary, TDM hardware with standards-based, net-centric VoIP-enabled nodes. This allows communication resources to scale directly with each added endpoint, eliminating the problems associated with fixed capacities in TDM-based systems.

Continuity and quality of service guaranteed

With its innovative, flexible architecture, Liberty-STAR offers the right VCS functionality at the right price.

  • The right VCS functionality. Liberty-STAR VCS is fully IP and ED-137C compliant. It allows for easy centralised management, configuration and monitoring of up to 400 IP streams per CWP.
  • Multi-level redundancy. Liberty-STAR VCS is completely decentralised, with no single point of failure. It features HRP (Hyper-Redundancy Protocol) Layer 2 and 3 redundancy protocol.
  • Cost-effective. Liberty-STAR VCS is fully standardised, allowing for easy installation, maintenance and operation.
  • Easy to install and operate. Liberty-STAR VCS guarantees fast installation and operation. It comes in a preconfigured box, so it is fully plug-and-play, and it can be operated without any training.

Whatever your communication challenge or set-up, Frequentis has the right solution backed by experienced and certified project teams to help deliver any customer-specific ATM communications project.


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