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Frequentis voice communication solution showing VCS3020X


Innovation, performance, trust

VCS3020X is Frequentis’ established and highly reliable solution for safety-critical Air/Ground and Ground/Ground communication for single and networked ACCs, approach and tower.

VCS3020X’s high-performance VoIP technology brings together the vast experience and functional superiority of the market leader in communications. It has been a success since its conception, drawing on the key elements that have made Frequentis an undeniable leader in voice communications:

  • Distributed intelligence across the system elements, creating unrivalled resilience
  • Duplicated and parallel-operating Local Area Network (LAN)-infrastructure without a single point of failure

Supporting dynamic sectorisation

One of the goals of dynamic airspace use is to create more interoperability between ANSPs and/or different control centres, from both an operational and a technical perspective. The VCS3020X adds the ability to share workloads, network resources and management responsibilities.

  • Sharing workloads: VCS3020X increases efficiency by integrating an advanced role concept. This allows workloads to be easily distributed across control centres at times of peak activity. Conversely, sectors can be merged when traffic is low.
  • Sharing resources: VCS3020X allows different control centres to access the same radio communication equipment in a safe and reliable manner.
  • Sharing management responsibilities: to ensure that no airspace is ever left unassigned, the handover of airspace responsibilities is conducted through an acknowledged workflow process, where VCS3020X guarantees a gap-free handover.

Advanced VoIP performance for your business needs

VCS3020X provides a broad portfolio of functions and flexible configurations that bring tangible benefits to any operations.

  • Unique and superior layout: The VCS3020X CONtext-SENSitivE (CONSENSE) layout reduces the complexity of the console layout by showing only functions relevant to the current operational state.
  • Radio backup pooling: Using a pool of backup radios to eliminate the need for a 1-to-1 ratio between main and standby devices – based on ED-137 mechanisms - lowers the investment need.
  • Highest performance: VCS3020X offers the fastest IP VCS, combining short audio and signalling delay times with 1,000 operational roles and an impressive 23 million operating hours.
  • Integrated IP backup application and emergency communication system: Providing an IP backup application which runs independently on the operator working position.

Whatever your communication challenge or set-up, Frequentis has the right solution backed by experienced and certified project teams to help deliver any customer-specific ATM communications project.

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