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Departure Manager (DMAN)

The Frequentis Departure Manager supports consistent optimised planning of outbound airport traffic, in turn driving optimised target times at the runway and the stands. Its key objectives are the efficient management of airport departure traffic, to ensure maximum utilisation of the available runway capacity, and the appropriate management of additional constraints such as Minimum Departure Intervals (MDIs) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) requirements.

DMAN facilitates the reduction of holding times at the departure runway and the reduction of taxi-out times. In this way, the system contributes to increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. If the departure demand exceeds the available runway capacity, DMAN advises holding aircraft at their stands instead of creating excessive departure queues at the runway. Consequently, fuel burn, greenhouse gas and noise emissions are decreased.

The departure sequence optimisation improves runway capacity utilisation, taking into account minimum separation requirements dependent on Standard Instrument Departure (SID) routes, wake turbulence categories (WTC) and speed categories. Furthermore, DMAN supports the controller in considering flow management restrictions issued by the responsible ATFM Unit, e.g. the Network Manager in Europe. DMAN contributes to improving on-time performance (OTP) by taking into account flight schedules when optimising the departure sequence.

DMAN helps all stakeholders by significantly increasing predictability of the outbound traffic, through the calculation of Target Start-Up Times (TSAT) and Target Take-Off Times (TTOT). As a result, Network Operations can be provided with reliable Departure Planning Information (DPI). Benefits include global capacity gains due to the improved take-off slot adherence and corresponding improvements in the effectiveness of ATFM measures.


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