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To build on a long history of translating innovation into practical solutions for safety-critical industries, Frequentis invests in ongoing research activities. Our research projects are usually joint undertakings with customers or within the framework of international research programmes (which usually also involve our customers). As a result, every research initiative is guided by a business case with the overarching goal of defining international standards in the relevant field. By leading the way in exploring exciting technological concepts alongside our customers, we retain our position at the forefront of progress in our industry.

Research offers Frequentis an opportunity to diversify our product set and introduce new ways of thinking to the business. Each research project is a chance to exchange ideas with customers, educational institutions, and industry partners. Together with our research partners, we anticipate emerging technological challenges and identify which requirements next-generation systems must address. Through demonstrations and proof of concept exercises, we can provide early validation of new technological approaches and operating concepts.

Research Projects

Frequentis participates in a wide range of research initiatives connected to safety-critical industries. By leading the way in exploring exciting technological concepts alongside our customers, we retain our position at the forefront of progress in our industry.


SESAR Research

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) aims to improve Air Traffic Management performance by modernising and harmonising ATM systems through the definition, development, validation and deployment of innovative technological and operational ATM solutions. By leading the consortium ‘Frequentis SESAR Partners’, we are demonstrating our full commitment to SESAR 2020, with an emphasis on product-oriented and solution-oriented research.


Cyber Security

Providers of safety critical services are facing severe challenges when they want to implement measures to defend themselves against the rapidly growing IT security threats. There are several reasons for that.


Crisis and Disaster Management

The key idea of crisis and disaster management research is to meet the challenge of supporting customers in those situations, where standard business procedures fail.


Research for Satellite Communication, ESA

Building on a successful relationship of more than a decade, Frequentis and the European Space Agency (ESA) continue to push the boundaries of satellite-based communication. Our joint research activities yield innovations that we incorporate into our product portfolio, disseminating the benefits to industries beyond space exploration.



Frequentis is exploring the role that artificial intelligence (AI) could play in safety-critical environments. By automating repetitive tasks, AI could save time for operators in public safety, air traffic management, and more, increasing the speed and accuracy of their responses.

For more details about our current AI research projects, please follow this link.

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