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Bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to safety-critical industries

Frequentis is exploring the role that artificial intelligence (AI) could play in safety-critical environments. By automating repetitive tasks, AI could save time for operators in public safety, air traffic management, and more, increasing the speed and accuracy of their responses. The move could enhance operator effectiveness, enhancing their working experiences and saving lives.



Here are some of the current AI research initiatives at Frequentis:

    Software-defined networking architecture augmented with AI to improve aeronautical communications performance, security, and efficiency.
    By harnessing AI, SINAPSE aims to accelerate the transition to intelligent connectivity. Through an IP network that incorporates predictive capabilities, SINAPSE will enable dynamic adjustment of resources and robust protection against digital attacks.
    For more detail, follow this link.
  • Next Generation Safety (NGS): 
    Using AI to control air traffic management (ATM) systems.
    NGS will focus on employing AI to boost the safety, reliability and efficiency of ATM processes by optimising communications between air traffic controllers and pilots and situational awareness. The project aims to reduce stress and free up time for controllers, liberating them to concentrate in safety-critical, complicated environments.
    For more detail, follow this link.
    Human-Assisted Real-time Monitoring of infrastructure and obstacles from railway vehicles.
    Through HARMONY, Frequentis is participating in the creation of an intelligent monitoring system, which will help operators make decisions around maintenance and impact to operations. The project will process data from sensors and analyse human factors, extracting insights that drive greater system security and user acceptance.
    For more detail, follow this link.

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