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Tower Products

Frequentis Digital Tower solutions are composed of independent functional modules – products – that can integrate with each other, but also with existing and future systems from other vendors. Connected using MosaiX, a cloud-native ATM-grade IT architecture, the modules offer low-cost deployment, easy management and rapid scalability.

The modularity of the products makes it easy for ANSPs and airport operators to begin the transition to a Digital Tower solution both rapidly and at low risk. Organisations can start with a small deployment in the functional domain where they have the greatest need, then steadily extend the environment as priorities change and budgets permit.


smartTOOLS – the Frequentis integrated information and control system – provides a complete portfolio of applications related to tower and runway control, and weather information. Deployed worldwide in more than 36 countries, smartTOOLS can be tailored to any environment, from regional to high-capacity towers. By enabling significant automation, smartTOOLS helps reduce costs while increasing efficiency and safety.


Whether your tower is located at one of the world’s busiest hubs or at a quiet regional airfield – or anything in between – Frequentis offers the ideal flight data management product for supporting your tower digitalisation programme. smartSTRIPS, our flight data management product, is designed for towers and approach units of all sizes and degrees of operational complexity.


The Frequentis A-SMGCS (advanced surface movement guidance and control system) provides tailored services covering surveillance, safety, control, planning, routing and guidance while taking into account local procedures and infrastructure constraints. Airports and ANSPs benefit from the unique and comprehensive digital tower portfolio where A-SMGCS combines best in class products to deliver a seamlessly integrated solution.


Since 2008, TowerPad has been in active service at several major airports, providing artificial intelligence to support advanced user-centric automation services for air traffic controllers. The product has been proven to reduce costs for airlines, airports and ANSPs. It also improves safety and reduces taxi times, and consequently the environmental impact of airport traffic.


smartVISION is a video-based visualisation solution optimised for ATC and airport environments. It provides ATC-grade video presentation in combination with support and augmentation functions to support the air traffic controller (ATCO) workflow and increase efficiency, situation awareness and safety.

X10 Voice Communication Solution

X10 is Frequentis’ innovative voice communication solution based on a state-of-the-art service-oriented architecture, facilitating the transition of pure ATM-based voice communications to Unified Aeronautical Communications. Operating on the Frequentis MosaiX platform, it can easily be integrated with other technologies from the Frequentis portfolio to deliver strong operational benefits.


In safety-critical ATM environments, effective controller training depends on easy access to top-quality simulation environments. However, this can be difficult to achieve given the practical limitations of facilities which may be relatively small or remote. ATRiCS AVATOR is a highly flexible 3D tower simulation platform that airports and air traffic controllers can rely on.

Departure Manager (DMAN)

The Frequentis Departure Manager solution supports consistent optimised planning of outbound airport traffic, in turn driving optimised target times at the runway and the stands. Its key objectives are the efficient management of airport departure traffic, to ensure maximum utilisation of the available runway capacity, and the appropriate management of additional constraints such as Minimum Departure Intervals (MDIs) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) requirements.

Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD)

It can be difficult to optimise runway usage at high-demand, capacity-constrained airports, especially in the case of mixed-mode operations at airports that have just one runway for both arrivals and departures. The Frequentis Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD) solution addresses the challenge of balancing arrivals and departures for maximised airport performance, for example by optimising the efficiency of integrating departures into the arrival stream.

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