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Enhanced vision: smartVISION


Enhancing view for safe & efficient operations

smartVISION is a video-based enhanced visualisation solution optimised for ATC and airport environments. It provides ATC-grade video presentation in combination with support and augmentation functions to support the air traffic controller (ATCO) workflow and increase efficiency, situation awareness and safety. To meet all the operational requirements of small, medium and high-capacity towers alike, smartVISION offers both high dynamic range cameras for a harmonised panoramic view under all weather and light conditions and ATC-grade pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras that include ICAO-compliant light gun functionality. Developed in close cooperation with ATCOs, smartVISION complies with the highest ATC standards and regulations.

smartVISION at a glance

  • ATC-grade video presentation
  • Advanced PTZ with ICAO-certified light gun
  • Supports remote and contingency digital tower solutions
  • Enhanced safety and situational awareness
  • Intuitive user interface designed with ATCOs
  • Flexible layout and controller working position
  • Intelligent video tracking
  • Designed for all weather conditions
  • Multi remote tower ready
  • Automatic object detection
  • Advanced panorama stitching
  • Open standards-based integration platform

Key Features

High resolution panoramic view

Multiple camera streams are digitally stitched together to create a harmonised virtual 360° out-of-the-window view.

Video augmentation

Configurable labels, detected objects, PTZ orientation and static overlays (outlines, glidepath, construction area, designators) are fused into one HMI.

Surveillance integration

Surveillance data is mapped as configurable label overlays in the panorama or the approach view, enhancing situational awareness.

Flexible camera setup

Support for a variety of camera setups enables a flexible installation range at the perfect location(s), whether a central mast or multiple decentralised locations.

Smart PTZ functions

Intuitive control function via touch gestures, mouse or virtual joystick are supported by automatic tracking based on video or surveillance data.


Cost savings

smartVISION empowers ANSPs to reduce costs by centralising all relevant ATC services.


Enables seamless implementation of scalable environments covering different service and airport categories: from AFIS to ATC, and from regional airports to large hubs.

User experience & acceptance

Frequentis has established an iterative validation process that enables users to customise the HMI to their individual needs. This supports fast and efficient user acceptance, which is the key to a smooth and successful project.

Improved situational awareness

smartVISION supports a wide range of functions – such as box and follow, label overlay and PTZ tracking – increasing situational awareness compared to conventional tower operations.

Mature & proven solution

The solution’s maturity is demonstrated by a large customer reference base with installations in Austria, Germany, UK (Jersey), US, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark and many more countries.

Integrated product portfolio

The Frequentis offering includes all the building blocks for a remote or digital tower solution within a single integrated product portfolio, providing additional benefits through inter-product functionality and a shared roadmap.


eXplore: smartVISION
Demo video: smartVISION

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