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Advanced integrated working position & automation services

Since 2008, TowerPad has been in active service at several major airports, providing artificial intelligence to support advanced user-centric automation services for air traffic controllers. The product has been proven to reduce costs for airlines, airports and ANSPs. It also improves safety and reduces taxi times, and consequently the environmental impact of airport traffic. TowerPad integrates all tower applications into one screen, showing controllers everything they need to see, when they need to see it, and automating low-value manual tasks. The traditional mix of mismatched proprietary HMIs in the control tower belongs to the past. Instead, controllers can benefit from TowerPad’s intuitive touchscreen approach, familiar from modern consumer mobile devices.

TowerPad at a glance

  • Designed for controller comfort and efficiency
  • Compliant with the full range of functions recommended by the relevant ICAO and Eurocontrol publications
  • Integrates all formerly separate ATC systems
  • Adaptable automation levels
  • In operational service since 2008
  • Key enabler for “Follow-the-Greens”
  • Integrates with Frequentis Digital Tower solutions
  • Award-winning technology

Key features

Surveillance service

Combined air and ground situational display with advanced post-tracking mechanisms

Airport safety support service 

Detection of traffic conflicts, alerting and warning function for deviations or unintended patterns

Routing service

Automatic individual taxi route proposal for all aircraft and vehicles, consideration of routing preferences and physical constraints

Guidance service

Automatic switching of centre-line lights and unambiguous indication of assigned taxi route to pilots; automatic transition sequences and indication of clearance limits

Electronic clearance input

Input of clearances directly to aircraft concerned, usable with and without EFS; ATCO workload reduction – focus on traffic control planning, automation of manual tasks



Improves situational awareness and eliminates more than 75% of all causes of runway incursions (disorientation, incorrect phraseology, misleading information signs).

Efficiency & sustainability

The reduction of taxi times maintains the timely flow of traffic, and enables significant cuts in fuel burn and toxic emissions.

Capacity & resilience

TowerPad doubles the movement rate in adverse conditions while reducing the longitudinal spacing required for safe separation during low visibility. This means faster recovery after LVOs or other capacity reductions.

Cost-effectiveness & controller productivity

The integration of TowerPad improves situational awareness, reduces controller workload, and enables a higher movement-to-controller ratio.

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