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Education & Training

In safety-critical ATM environments, effective controller training depends on easy access to top-quality simulation environments. However, this can be difficult to achieve given the practical limitations of facilities which may be relatively small or remote.

ATRiCS AVATOR is a highly flexible 3D tower simulation platform that airports and air traffic controllers can rely on. It requires fewer training staff, offers quick and flexible exercise setup, and permits stress-free integration with modern ATM systems. Based on artificial intelligence principles, AVATOR has unrivalled capabilities in integrating any mix of the latest technologies and/or legacy systems for validation purposes, as proven in operational service as well as in SESAR exercises.


ATRiCS AVATOR at a glance

  • Scalable from simple basic computer-based training (CBT) up to 360° multi-tower flexible set up
  • Remote digital tower support
  • Pseudo pilots not required
  • User-friendly traffic generator to interactively prepare and modify traffic scenarios
  • Highly configurable
  • Easy replay/rewind function
  • Combines with cockpit simulators
  • Comprehensive visual effects (weather conditions, light, dynamic/static objects)

Key features

Simulation server

The powerful simulation engine generates aircraft and vehicle movements on the ground and in the terminal manoeuvring area, as well as FPL data.

Out-of-the-window view

The realistic 3D engine renders traffic situation on any type of display – for example, rear/front projectors or LCD displays – including realistic light conditions, weather, buildings, airfield lighting, signs, and so on.

Interactivity mode

Real-time interaction, plus a rewind feature to return to a past traffic state and instantly repeat the exercise from there, enabling realistic training situations.

Touch-based input

For ATC clearances and taxi routes by pseudo pilots or directly by controllers.

Tower Automation Suite

AVATOR seamlessly combines its capabilities with automation systems (iCWP, EFS, DMAN, AMAN etc.) for validation campaigns on new procedures and systems, such as remote digital towers.


Operational cost savings

The use of electronic clearance input on the ATCO side supports high traffic volumes at very large hub airports. Therefore, usage without pseudo pilots is equally possible, while easy scenario-generation and rewind/replay functions save time and operational costs.


The system can be installed practically anywhere on site for individual flexibility and even 24/7/365 remote access.

Cost-effectiveness & innovation

AVATOR does not require extra effort for development or integration with operational systems such as A-SMGCS, ICWP, EFS, or A-CDM, so realistic training on a new set of tools is easy, innovative and cost-effective.

Operational know-how

The simulator set-up is driven by know-how from operational systems and requirements, and is therefore much more multipurpose-oriented than traditional simulators

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