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Centre Products & Solutions

Our automation solutions are designed by ATCOs and continuously learning from user experiences, therefore oriented to reducing the ATCO’s interventions and workload in ATM processes. PRISMA is the Frequentis initiative for ATM automation solutions. The solution allows ANSPs to increase their airspace capacities while optimizing the flight performance of each of the airspace users by assisting in shortening the distance flown and allowing continuous descent final approach procedures, both features needed for a greener world. Automation is key to airspace managers to increase safety levels and PRISMA, together with other Frequentis’ ATM systems, brings the right set of features and required levels of usability to achieve the goal.


The PRISMA product family offers a full range of ATM modules designed to support the most varied use-case scenarios, ranging from standalone solutions to integrated surveillance data and flight plan data processing systems. PRISMA’s fully expandable and modular architecture enables the continuous addition of functionality, supporting a buy-as-you-grow approach. Based on our extensive experience in advanced air traffic automation systems, PRISMA can be easily integrated with 3rd-party control environments, legacy and web-based environments.

Weather Information Management System

Timely, accurate and readily-available weather information is essential for Air Traffic Management decision-making and to ensure a safe airspace during changing meteorological situations. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) need tools at their disposal to effectively manage meteorological data and meet this challenge successfully. 

Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD)

It can be difficult to optimise runway usage at high-demand, capacity-constrained airports, especially in the case of mixed-mode operations at airports that have just one runway for both arrivals and departures. The Frequentis Integrated Arrival Departure Manager (IAD) solution addresses the challenge of balancing arrivals and departures for maximised airport performance, for example by optimising the efficiency of integrating departures into the arrival stream.

O4D Trajectory Prediction

The Frequentis Orthogon 4D (O4D) Trajectory Prediction has a proven track record of more than 20 years in providing reliable trajectory predictions in air traffic management (ATM). O4D contributes to air traffic flow management (ATFM) and air traffic control (ATC) as well as the coordination with airspace users to achieve optimum trajectories. Frequentis Orthogon successfully deployed the O4D Trajectory Prediction as a service within skyguide’s pioneering Virtual Centre programme.


Frequentis is acknowledged as the number one supplier for safety critical communication systems globally. Trusted and proven by more than 25,000 air traffic controllers, and guiding the way to new operational concepts like virtual centres and area control contingency solutions the Frequentis communication solutions set the benchmark among controllers. Virtualisation, cloud-based systems and intelligent networks are the foundation of the modern IT-based ATM technologies.

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