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The PRISMA system for ATM automation supports all air navigation service functions, from pre-flight planning to real-time situational awareness, for both manned and UAS traffic. PRISMA provides automation functions to help ANSPs provide services including approach control, flight information and alerting, ultimately supporting increased safety and efficiency.


PRISMA modular ATM automation system

Automation is a vital tool in helping airspace managers to increase safety levels and boost operational efficiency. In combination with other ATM products from Frequentis, the PRISMA system for ATM automation delivers the appropriate functions and usability to meet ANSPs’ requirements both today and in the future.

PRISMA is a full-featured modular system that supports automation across all air navigation service functions, from pre-flight planning to real-time situational awareness, including management of UAS traffic, in a single and reliable solution. PRISMA provides automation functions to help ANSPs provide air traffic services, including approach control services, flight information services and alerting services, in a collaborative environment.

Its modular nature enables PRISMA to support multiple use cases, including area and approach control, either as a primary solution or as a backup/contingency solution.

Deployed on the Frequentis MosaiX platform, which abstracts data services from the underlying systems, PRISMA can be implemented on-premises or on the cloud. This flexibility enables service providers to dynamically adapt their infrastructure in response to continuously changing operational and commercial constraints.

PRISMA provides virtual-centre capabilities that enable ANSPs to achieve location-independent operations whereby any controller can control any flight from any site.

Area Control Centre

PRISMA-ACC is a fully functional and modular ATM automation solution that provides the automation functions that are needed to ensure that the flight information services and alerting services are provided safely and efficiently. The system is designed to continuously exchange flight and flow, aeronautical and weather data with adjacent regions and external airspace users thus operating collaboratively.

Approach Centre

PRISMA-APP is a modular ATM automation system that exchanges flight data and coordinates flights with third-party ATM systems servicing adjacent airspaces such as upper centres or towers. PRISMA-APP features a flight data processing system (FDPS) for the automated processing of flight and surveillance data. This supports the provision of air traffic services (ATS) dedicated to the special conditions of time-critical and narrow airspaces that typically require fast and effective decision making.


PRISMA-BACKUP is designed to help ANSPs boost safety and ensure business continuity. The solution can be used to extend an existing ATM automation system with contingency and fall-back capabilities, with the ability to take over operations seamlessly during planned or unplanned outages of the primary system. Additionally, PRISMA-BACKUP provides virtual-centre capabilities that enable ANSPs to achieve location-independent operations whereby any controller can control any flight from any site.

Centre Products & Solutions

PRISMA is the centre solution of the Frequentis group. It’s a scalable and open ATM automation platform, supporting all air navigation service functions, from pre-flight planning to real-time situational awareness including UTM traffic in a single, modern solution. PRISMA offers air traffic services, including approach control services, tower control, flight information services and alerting services, with an advanced feature set.

Professional ATM Services

Building on decades of industry experience, Frequentis offers expert professional services to help ANSPs plan, design, implement, integrate and manage advanced ATM automation solutions. Through engagements on numerous successful customer projects around the globe we have developed deep knowledge of all phases of the project lifecycle, from design through to implementation, migration and ongoing technical services during the maintenance phase.


Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport ready for expected growth with FREQUENTIS digital tower solution

  • First controller-to-pilot IP Voice Communication in the United States
  • The Frequentis integrated digital tower solution will increase controller efficiency in support of air traffic growth and is compliant with ED-137 standard
  • The modernised tower houses eight controller working positions, supporting expected growth to the region

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Tower has been replaced by a new tower fitted with an integrated digital tower solution from Frequentis. The digital tower solution consists of an IP voice communication solution, featuring the ED-137 standard, integrated recording and digital terminal information and weather services, ensuring controllers have modern, digital solutions to support the additional growth expected to the region, including space for eight controllers.

jennifer.mclellan@frequentis.com | 2022-11-07


Eine Milliarde Stunden sicherer Flugverkehr mit dem Sprach- und Daten-Gateway VCX-IP von FREQUENTIS

  • Frequentis ist seit 1995 Vorreiter für ATM-spezifische landesweite Funknetzlösungen
  • Installationen in 70 Ländern auf sechs Kontinenten
  • Die größten VCX-IP-Installationen integrieren Hunderte von Funk-, Telefon- und Datendiensten und umfassen über 1.500 Netzwerkknoten, die mehr als 70 Standorte mit mehreren Zentren verbinden

Die Frequentis-Netzwerklösung für Sprachkommunikation, VCX-IP, hat sich seit ihrer Entwicklung vor rund zwei Jahrzehnten erheblich weiterentwickelt. Sie begann als Netzwerklösung zur Verbesserung der Netzwerkfunktionalität, wie z.B. gemeinsamer Zugriff auf Funkgeräte und Radar. Mehrere landesweite Implementierungen in Australien, Neuseeland, Mexiko, Österreich, Oman und Brasilien sind erfolgreiche Meilensteine, die wesentlich dazu beigetragen haben, Frequentis zum Marktführer bei Netzwerklösungen für Air Traffic Management (ATM / Flugsicherung) zu machen.

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Michaela.Kalina@frequentis.com | 2022-11-02

Slovenia Control
Frequentis Airservices
Morocco upgrades aeronautical message handling with Frequentis Comsoft

Morocco upgrades aeronautical message handling with Frequentis Comsoft

The Moroccan Airports Authority, ONDA (Office National Des Aéroports), entrusted Frequentis Comsoft with the upgrade of their message handling and switching capability in line with latest ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) basic and extended AMHS (ATS Message Handling System) service profiles.

Thanks to its strategic location, Morocco is an important hub for air traffic flows between many regions of the world. The continuous and secure flow of aeronautical messages is crucial to safe air traffic management, which is why upgrades to new standards and the implementation of new features are vital in preparing ONDA for the future demands and challenges of its airspace.

“Frequentis Comsoft successfully upgraded our message handling system, smoothly, ahead of schedule and with no interruption to normal operation, despite COVID restrictions. The upgrade enables us to further support the increasing demands of our service, both now and in the future.” said Bartal Said, Information Processing Division Manager, ONDA.

michaela.dornhackl@frequentis.com | 2022-06-23

CAELUM and FREQUENTIS partner to develop solutions for South Korean unmanned traffic management market

CAELUM Co., Ltd, a South Korean aerospace & defense industry developer, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Frequentis Singapore Pte Ltd, a global industry leader in air traffic management (ATM) systems, to work in collaboration on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions in South Korea.

The MoU represents the first steps between CAELUM and Frequentis to address the growing need for next-generation traffic management systems capable of handling the unique challenges of UAM technologies, including flexible use of airspace. Initial discussions confidently advocate the combination of Frequentis’ know-how in ATM system development and manufacturing with CAELUM’s financing and project management capabilities to create a successful UTM solution. CAELUM and Frequentis have committed to further discussions in an effort to develop their joint action plan.

jennifer.mclellan@frequentis.com | 2022-06-22


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